Tim Juravich

Engineering habits: Prioritizing time to code, while being a leader

The fear of losing ‘the edge’ I began my career almost 17 years ago with a passion for developing products. This passion was about more than just writing code, it was about creating something new in the world, and connecting experience to enginee... Read more

Benchmarks: An approach to quantifying digital experiences

It all starts with a question What does a good _______ look like? That question can be applied to anything: What does a good movie look like? What does a good diet look like? What does good art look like? In this article, I... Read more

Everything I know about the complexities of First and Third-party Cookies

Cookies may be the most heavily discussed topic in marketing, advertising, and analytics conversations. Like most complex solutions involving technology, in order to understand the challenges, we need to start at the beginning with clear terminolo... Read more

How fonts on your website can impact user experience and how to resolve it

In 2009, web fonts emerged into the world with browser now supporting font-face definitions in CSS, which then became mainstream with the help of the Typekit project (now Adobe Fonts) and Google fonts. Before this, you only had a choice of about ... Read more

Retrospectives on writing a 300-page software book

This post is a retrospective on a book I wrote in 2012. You can checkout the the listing on amazon.com, if you are curious. In 2011, I was heavily involved with the PHP community and spent some time with Chris Anderson, one of the early commi... Read more